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pero en mi playa estará el sonido del mar para ti rompen las olas

Jul. 7th, 2012

que buena pinche rola:

brit's giveaway!

i entered a giveaway, from: http://beyourpet.com/diary/
it's pretty cool! brit is giving away really cute things, i hope i win haha 
i like giveaways but i never enter because i feel like i have no chance of winning ;_; but this one is really cool because she's using a widget called rafflecopter, that you do like tasks to win entries and stuff, so the more things you do (fb likes, tweets, etc.) the greater the chance you have to win! :-)
here is the giveaway's entry in case you'd like to enter too: http://beyourpet.com/diary/2012/06/first-giveaway-june/

Dec. 27th, 2011

se imaginan si mi novio hubiera nacido con ojos azules como los de su mamá...!?


no sé que haría...
si de por si no sé que hago...

aldo shoes

shoes+shoes+shoes!!Collapse )
first 3 shoes oh my god 
i have an obsession for vamp shoes

photos of choice post

cutCollapse )

from my very own tumblr, http://closetmind.tumblr.com , my favorites of this week




kinda cant remember the last time I posted a drawing here...


hello 2011

 hmmmmmmmm I dont know what to say.........
nothing much has happened and what has, it doesnt matter......

hmmm this year I want to post more in pixelpeach and use my poupee everyday!!

happy new year! dear friends, what are your resolutions?

oh also I updated my blog layout : ) http://closetmind9.blog131.fc2.com

Fiesta mental

Hoy es día de fiesta mental fiesta mental fiesta mental
Situación que describe cachoreo, viboreo y diversión
Llantos risas y aburrimiento
Berrinches y tropezones
Alcohol humo y lucecitas de colores
Hookas y uno q otro porro
Baños sucios, cosas perdidas, tacones rotos, bebidas despilfarradas

Miles de cosas
Viejos y nuevos amigos
Y mas q amigos también

Asi como yo te conocí así me iré
Entre bebidas y toqueteos indecentes, yo
Ya me voy de esta fiesta